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Why would I choose a synthetic turf rather than natural grass?

Advanced fibre technology provides an artificial grass with the look and feel of natural grass year round without the costly maintenance and use limitations. No more expense and work mowing,  watering, manicuring and fertilizing. You have a surface that retains the look and feel of a grass lawn, is free draining and remains useable all year round.

Does artificial grass look like real grass?

Yes – advanced fibre technology provides an artificial turf with the look and feel of natural grass, so much so, its hard to believe its unreal. Our leisure turf range of products are formed using a combination of yarns to achieve the natural appearance and softness of real grass, yet retain the benefits of artificial grass.

Is your synthetic turf the same as astro turf and astro grass?

Definitely not! Astroturf and astrograss was the common name for a far inferior product produced in the 1970’s and 80’s. At the time it was the only option and was thin, ugly and a comparatively poor product for durability and feel. Todays yarn and technology produce a far more durable, softer and better looking product for sports and leisure turf.

Is all artificial turf the same?

Definitely not ! Yarn manufacturing differs around the world. Our yarn and turf is made in Australia to meet the highest UV & heat standards possible. Other yarns and turf although cheaper, are not as durable and do not last, splitting and breaking down in our harsh sun.

Does synthetic turf fade?

No. Our turf is selected for the finest fibres available made from the best yarn producers around the world and are UV stabilized against colour fade. We guarantee less than 10% fading over the life of the product.

How long will synthetic turf last?

Our yarn fibre is of the same chemical structure as our sports products which are produced for the toughest environments, so we expect to see a lifespan of between 10-15 years with our leisure turf in a residential lawn. All our leisure turf (artificial grass) products are guaranteed for 7 years with correct installation and maintenance.

What maintenance is required?

Apart from removing leaves and debris (which may result in moss build up) a light brushing from time to time to redistribute the sand and help keep the surface clean, is all the maintenance that should be necessary. (see our maintenance guide for full details of aftercare)

What happens if the surface is damaged?

Repairs to damaged areas can be patched much like carpet, no problem at all.

Is artificial grass child and per friendly?

All materials used in the manufacturer of synthetic turf are non toxic and therefore completely harmless to children and pets, plus it removes any allergy triggers associated with natural grass.

Pet urine will not cause any discolouration of the turf and solids are easily picked up and or hosed away.

Is artificial grass suitable for poorly drained area?

Yes it is – All our turf is manufactured with drain holes to allow free flow of water through the turf. The turf is always installed on a porous free draining base to maintain a mud and damp free surface, however it wont fix a poor drainage problem. If the area holds water and doesn’t drain away, this will need to be fixed before our turf is laid.

Why is artificial grass becoming so popular?

Appearance – artificial grass now looks so real, lush and manicured all year round. More and more home owners are choosing synthetic turf as an alternative to a natural lawn.

​Conditions – many lawn locations are just not conducive to grass growth due to poor soil conditions, lack of sunlight and high wear.

Work – maintaining a natural lawn requires a lot of work, watering fertilising and weed spraying not to mention constant mowing. Also, as home lawn areas are getting smaller and smaller, why own a lawn mower and put all that effort in to keep a good lawn.

Time & Value – a synthetic lawn adds value to your property and gives you back your time to enjoy your weekends !

How much does artificial grass cost ?

For a good quality synthetic turf you should expect to pay between $45-$65 + gst per sq/m for supply only. You can recognise the quality by the feel and softness of the yarn plus the type and quality of backing material. There is now a wide range of synthetic turf/artificial grass available – much of which is imported from Asia and Europe. Often this is cheaper but is a far inferior product, not made to NZ & Australia standards, which deteriorate rapidly in our high UV.

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