Turf products and installation, Wellington, Palmerston North, Nelson, New Plymouth


Natural 35
Fast becoming our most popular lawn choice. A dense green yarn mixed with brown "thatch" creates a natural lawn to best replicate a healthy NZ ryegrass home lawn. Click here for full specifications.
Esteem 40
A dense green yarn mixed with brown "thatch" again creating a very natural lawn but this time as a 40mm product, with a finer yarn that feels a lot softer. Another popular choice

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Summer Cool
Summer is a combination of two yarn types that produces a very natural looking broad leaf lawn. This is a 35mm pile that is thick and lush underfoot, perfect for balconies, apartments and rooftops.

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Evergreen Turf
Our super hard wearing commercial grade turf that still provides a natural looking lawn but with great durability. This is the ultimate solution for commercial spaces, schools & play centres.

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Premium 40

A very dense two tone green mix of yarn that creates a lush high 40mm lawn, presenting a premium fine turf that makes a grand statement for any lawn.

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Cool Play Green
Cool Play Autumn
Coolplay Light Blue
Cool Play Purple
Cool Play Royal Blue
Cool Play Red
Cool Play Yellow
Cool Play Black
Cool Play Titainium
Pro Bounce
A specialist all weather turf, that is softer than traditional multi play yarn and perfect for multiuse sport surfaces. Click here for full specifications.
Shield – Cricket Synthetic Turf

An extremely durable specialist cricket surface designed for indoor and outdoor use.

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Tennis Sports Turf
Satellite – Tennis Synthetic Turf

A high quality, durable product suitable to all standards of tennis play from home to club.

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Challenge – Sports Synthetic Turf

The trusted and proven 19mm sand filled synthetic turf surface.

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Kingston Green – Golf Synthetic Turf
A specialist non directional turf product designed to create the ultimate ‘true putt’ for any golf putting surface.

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12mm pad crop
Foam Rubber underlay
​12mm foam rubber underlay in 1m wide rolls. Free draining and provides extra softness when installing artificial grass over hard surfaces, while offering some fall protection. Ideal for over concrete or asphalt or on balcony decks and roof tops. Landscape Pad specifications
Shockpad – for fall height protection
Specially designed shockpad capable of meeting critical fall height protection standards, ideal for schools, early child centres and or playgrounds. Made for outdoor use and designed to go under our synthetic turf range of product. ​We build systems to meet a full range of fall heights requirements from 1.2m to 3.0 metres.

Proplay 35mm specifications
Proplay 25mm specifications
Proplay 23Dmm specifications