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Think Turf – Minimum standards for installation and workmanship

To ensure the continued enjoyment of your synthetic turf surface, it is essential that minimum standards as listed below are followed in the installation process.

  1. All existing turf and landscaping is to be removed. If an existing sprinkler system is installed in the installation area, the sprinklers need to be capped off and valves turned off as synthetic lawn will not need any watering.
  2. Existing ground is to be compacted using a vibrating plate compactor. It is essential to fully firm up the ground that will be the foundation for the synthetic turf.
  3. Timber edging should be installed around the perimeter of the turf. This is essential to stop any subsidence around the edges and prevent the turf from blowing up in the wind or lifting along an edge, as it allows us to secure the turf with landscaping nails every 200mm along the perimeter.
  4. The sub-base is then laid with a suitable compactable aggregate spread and then compacted with a plate compactor or heavy roller. With this step the aim is to make the base firm and level with a gently slope to the storm water drain.
  5. Lay an additional 20mm of Crusher Dust or other suitable aggregate as per step 4 and then compact using the vibrating compactor to firmly compact the sub-base.
  6. Check for Surface Depressions. Any based depression that is more than 15mm deep needs to be filled in and re-levelled. Even though the Synthetic turf drains water vertically through drainage holes built in, we will endeavour that the base is given a very slight slope away from buildings and towards the storm water drain to avoid any pooling.
  7. If the installation covers a larger area, grass is seamed in areas where two pieces meet. This needs to be secured with a specialist outdoor turf adhesive glue and turf joining tape.
  8. Infill of clean dry silica sand is then applied using a standard seed-drop spreader. This infill helps to weigh down the synthetic turf and stabilize the fibres to keep them upright and prevent matting. It is important that all of the infill has been spread evenly over the entire synthetic turf surface and power broomed in.

Install Guarantee

Think Turf guarantee to the client that:

  1. The synthetic turf surface has been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines which relate directly to the synthetic turf surface supplied.
  2. The recommended adhesives and seaming tapes have been used and applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s product and the supplier’s recommendations.
  3. All of the infill materials used is as per the application rates stated in the Product Specifications for the installed synthetic turf surface.
  4. All machinery used on the surface for installation is fit for purpose and all equipment has been approved by the manufacturer as fit for purpose.

Product Warranty

Think Turf guarantee to the client that from practical completion and for an 8 Year period thereafter :

  1. the synthetic turf will be free from any manufacturers defects in materials or workmanship.
  2. the synthetic turf surface will be free from significant fading
  3. the synthetic turf surface will not suffer any significant or unusual breakdown of pile height due to ultra violet degradation


It is normal for some yarn to look like it is “falling out” after installation. This is not the case and is just loose yarn we have disturbed from cutting the turf and power brooming the sand infill.

Protection Rules

To protect and prolong the life of your Synthetic turf surface, please take note of the following recommendations:

  1. Keep the synthetic turf surface free from litter, mud and debris.
  2. Prohibit smoking, fireworks, glass and chewing gum on the synthetic turf surface.
  3. Follow the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance and cleaning procedures.
  4. No vehicles are allowed on the synthetic turf surface.
  5. Repair minor damages quickly.

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